A Visit to Canadian International School in Singapore

I would like to thank the students and teachers at both campuses of Canadian International School in Singapore for hosting my author visit on Monday, May 26th.  What a fantastic school.


Wearing the right shirt for the visit (i.e.not the Toronto Maple Leafs...)


 Just some of the memorable moments from my visit:

  • meeting the student who said his special passion in life was “eating”

  • being allowed to shout in a library (twice)

  • hearing the dreams of 500 students all at once, simultaneously, in an auditorium

  • getting asked who I supported in the Champions League Final…inevitably made half the crowd boo while the other half cheered

  • showing people pictures of my snowy hometown in Canada to people who live in sweaty Singapore

The practice field at CIS. The little guy on the right scored, even though his whole class was playing goalkeeper!


Preparing to take the stage in front of 500 students...what a crowd!The books in Canadian International School's library.









  1. Cool,Thanks Mr.Tew for coming to Tk!!!!!!

    • You’re very welcome! Great school…I really enjoyed myself, thank you!

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